Sights & Sounds —

Dustin Adams (Psychedelic Blues)


Through his experimentations with light leaks—what is normally seen as a flaw in the photo development process—California photographer Dustin Adams harnesses these unpredictable elements into art.


The result of hours of tinkering and experimentation with exposing 35mm film stocks, he produces these surreal “Dreamscapes” by placing the film inside custom-built light boxes and exposing it to different sources of red, orange, blue and green light as well as their reflections off of holographic paper.


To hear more about his work and his process, check out his chat with Alex and Elphick in the Director’s Notes at the bottom of the page.


Follow more of Dustin’s work through his site and shop and his Instagram.

Highway 1, California

Off the 395, California

Portland, Maine

Malibu, California

Skyline Ridge, California

Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree

Santa Cruz, California