MAEKAN is a digital creative culture publication and brand based in Hong Kong. We’re actively accepting submissions of original work as well as pitches for editorial features.  For those of you interested or know someone who’s interested in contributing, we’ve got a few ways that could happen:

Portfolio Features

  • The Goal: To provide a platform for you, the creative(s) to showcase your work and for us, to bring new perspectives to our audience.

  • The Ask: Have a project or body of work you’ve done or will finish and would like to have it featured on MAEKAN? We’d like to hear about it (and pay you for it).

  • The Requirement: Work must be your own or if, done in collaboration, have the permission of all collaborators to be shared. Generally, we’re looking for works that have been finished during or after 2015 or, if still in progress, will be completed within the next two years.

  • Compensation: Exposure for yourself and your project. Aaand of course, a small licensing fee to feature your work on MAEKAN, which will be promoted through our social channels and newsletter.

Original Content

  • The Goal: To find the right creative(s) to help us explore topics we want to know more about and pass that knowledge on to the world.

  • The Ask: We ask that stories focus on subjects directly connected to creatives, workers in the creative industries and the industry itself, artists, and creative culture.For a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of the topics we’re looking to explore, click here.

  • Compensation: Rates will be agreed upon based on the scope of the story and project.

Something Outside the Box

Of course, if you have a story to tell that would be a good fit for MAEKAN, we’re also currently accepting pitches for original stories or series.

How to Submit

  • Form: Our Airtable form for submissions can be found here or filled out below.

  • Email: Shoot us an email at
    • Subject: Editorial: [Your Name] – [Project Name] [Portfolio Feature/Editorial Pitch]
    • Body: Tell us about yourself and the project
    • Attachments: Please feel free to include any image(s), documents or links as reference.

  • DM: While we would prefer the above channels, we will also accept pitches via direct message on our Instagram.

We appreciate all submissions and pitches, but only those with shortlisted submissions will be contacted for a follow up.