Snapped to Track —

Above the Clouds EP


Following on the successes of his initial collection of Beats by Delf last year, Elphick (Delf) wanted to hit the ground running in 2019, upping the ante by producing complete tracks during his second 30-day challenge and involving the work of visual artists from within the talented MAEKAN community.


As it turned out, photographer and community member Christina Choi had the perfect series of shots themed around clouds and drawn from her IG feed to match with Delf’s nostalgic, uplifting tracks. A frequent shooter for many of our stories, she shot the photos for our story on Chinatown Market and most recently, for our feature on Mike Shinoda.


Together, the music producer and photographer are proud to present a soaring collection of five audiovisual pairs known as the “Above the Clouds EP.”

01 — exponentia

02 — slomo

03 — 1nce again

04 — caught up

05 — sweet talks

View more of Christina’s work on her website and Instagram. To listen to inspiration behind this story, check out Beats by Delf. beow


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