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Chris Da Canha


Chris da Canha is a skateboarder and photographer who hails from Durban, South Africa, but currently calls South Korea home.


A regular contributing photographer for MAEKAN, he has shot many of our stories in Seoul, where he is currently based. These include our stories on RYSECody Hudson and most recently Kang Seunghyuk of WORKSOUT.


His work, which effortlessly shifts gears between digital and film, is realized through his Nikon D810 and Contax T2. His inspiration from boardsports withstanding, he also takes strong cues from cinema as well.


View more of Chris’s work on his personal site and Instagram.

The Uzbek

That time of year

Minhyuk Lee (Kobukchip)

Cigarette in a plant

Vladivostok, Russia I

Vladivostok, Russia II