Building the Brand —

Giclee Printing in Los Angeles


Building the Brand —
Giclee Printing in Los Angeles

Script by Eugene Kan

Narration by Cody Horne

Audio by Elphick Wo

Photos by Alex Maeland Brandon Shigeta

When we first launched late last year, the special sign-up gift we offered to our Yearly Members was a limited-edition print from artists James Jean or Jun Cha.


To make those happen, we needed the help of Sam Whitney, owner, and founder of Giclee LA, a giclee printing studio. In this edition of Building The Brand, he talks about making high-quality prints from digital files and how he got started in the printing business, including a brief stint making fake IDs.

Natural light shines into the Giclee LA studio, offering better visibility and color comparison.

A wall inside of the Giclee LA studio.

Inside the main studio of Giclee LA.

Drawers on drawers…

…on drawers on drawers.

“In the world of fine art giclee printing, you're only as good as your file.
I'm just a messenger between an ancient form and new technology. ”

Sam inside of the framing section of Giclee LA.

A whiteboard highlights Sam’s “Get Shit Done List.”

Sam prepping the James Jean “Masquerade” print.

“There's so many years of influences and experience that goes in behind creating something like this. It's almost sacrilegious to touch it. I want it to be exactly the way they envision it.”

Sam makes his final cutting marks to the prints.

Simple, yet necessary tools of the trade.

Packs of James Jean and Jun Cha prints are wrapped and packed.

Sam’s 1958 Chevy Pickup

While spending time with Sam, we discovered his unexpected passion for customizing classic American vehicles. His latest project is a 1958 Chevrolet pickup truck, which he restored and customized by hand.

As a member of the Odd Squad Car Club in Los Angeles, he often cruises down to meets to chop it up with local car enthusiasts about the club’s range of eclectic vehicles.

Eugene talks about our recent strides with reinvigorating our creative processes and continuing to move forward, even as the challenges we sought to solve and the world around us continue to evolve.