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Female Equality Together — Sarah Kim


Sarah Kim is a woman of many talents. By day she works at an ad agency in New York. By night and the weekend, she’s a publisher with By Way Of Brooklyn. Not content with her outlets, she sought out another medium, art curation. Together with her partners Arielle and Lynsday, the trio represents Feminine Product. The show celebrating women was a physical manifestation of many talks and discussions culminating in what is feminity and what was Feminine Product’s approach to it.


Over the course of an afternoon spent before the show had opened, we engaged openly and without judgment over some of the challenges of entering unchartered territories with any women’s movement. The whole population can’t comprehend the challenges and issues that women face, but many are eager to understand and lend a helping hand.


This is part of the journey.

— Mateo St. in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles where the BWOB gallery space took place.

“I’m just up for the conversation. I recognize that I haven’t done as thorough thinking as I need to, but I would hope that this is a safe space where that conversation can happen.”

— Sarah Kim

“If one woman sees the ‘Future Is Female’ t-shirt and, for the first time, has a dialogue or a thought about it, is that not helpful to whatever conversation we’re having?”

“My best conversations in my most ignorant moments come from the people I feel the safest with. That happens one-on-one, but it can turn into one-on-three or in a small group.”

— Sarah Kim

“It’s by women, for everyone.”

David Kenji Chang talks with the founder in his LA studio and new shop to talk about his life’s work and staying weird in a weird world.
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