Block Parties & Music History —

Philadelphia’s DJ Matthew Law


Back in Summer 2017, Elphick took a trip to North America to visit friend and fellow producer Tee (who helped to produce our Sounds of Hong Kong and Sounds of Tokyo stories). Following his stays in Toronto and New York, he decided to drop by Philadelphia to meet with DJ Matthew Law, who Elphick had met in Hong Kong a few years prior to MAEKAN’s inception.


In the catch-up that followed, Matthew shared a bit about his past and progression as a DJ and the block parties in the musically rich city that cross genres and unite generations of locals.

“Summer time in Philly, it’s almost hard to drive around certain neighborhoods cause they got an okay from the city—or didn’t—to shut down a block and throw a party for the neighborhood.”

“All music history is connected in really interesting ways whether it’s regional, by the time period, or by tempo—you can make it fit and tell a story with it..”

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