Futura and Concrete Objects

release a collaborative “NULL” Figure


Who’s involved and what is it?

Concrete Objects and artist Futura partner on a collaborative figure. Concrete Objects is a project by designers Samuel Ross (of A Cold Wall* fame) and Jobe Burns. The brand emerged out of their friendship and interest in creating a design-focused dialog around products beyond just clothing and sneakers.


The underlying inspiration of the brand is a mutual appreciation for brutalist design. Together with legendary artist Futura, they’ve released a series of customized “NULL” figures, a Concrete Objects original. The hand-crafted figures are cast in epoxy resin with a “hand painted matte finish to immobilise the light that passes through it.” Let us simplify the unnecessary jargon, the matte paint doesn’t reflect light.

Why it’s important?

Samuel Ross’ label A COLD WALL* alongside Futura are two respected names in the realm of youth/street culture. Their involvement presents product through a new lens around design that extends beyond the ephemera of modern day fashion. The hand-made pieces provide a new vector for a younger generation to understand the concepts that drive consumer products.


The figures are available now via the Concrete Objects online store. with a retail price of GBP 800 (or approximately $1,046 USD). If you’re interested in hearing more about Samuel Ross’ story, head over to our interview.