Unlearning to Learn Again —

A Recap of Unexpected Connections


There is a constant temptation in our contemporary times to give ourselves singular labels to make it easier to market ourselves online and craft our personal brands into immediately understandable packages for the information-overloaded viewer. Categorization and compartmentalization, however, do not satisfactorily describe a creative individual. Creativity is not one single thing, it is a lifetime of lessons learned, failures and triumphs—a complex construction of seemingly unconnected experiences.


On November 7th, 2018, MAEKAN and Imprint hosted the Unexpected Connections Conference in Long Beach, California. Throughout the day, speakers from all sides of creative culture explored the ways in which their everyday life intersects with their professions.


Above is a video recap of the event distilling as best as possible the physical experience of that day into something digestible. To find out more about Unexpected Connections you can visit the event website, read our written recap of the conference, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay notified regarding future Unexpected Connections events.