Earlier this year, we paid a visit to friend, long-time collaborator and neighbor Arthur Bray, better known as Yeti.


A native Hong Konger that attended university in the UK, his career as a DJ developed through weekend trips throughout the country and its diverse club scene and alongside his partner in crime, his twin brother Tom.


We sat down in his Tai Kok Tsui apartment and studio to hear about how far he’s come and the evolution of his role in music, what things look like down the line and of course, the you-couldn’t-make-this-up tale of the college roommate that inspired his name.

“Being in England was great because up ’till I was about 18, I was only listening to American hip hop. [After that] I was listening to house music. When I went to Brighton and eventually London, it opened me up to so many different genres.”

“Maybe 2017 is a very interesting time where you have to straddle the balance between both. Maybe you have to drop one or two songs people don’t know and then bring them back with tracks they do know so at least they’re still attuned to your set.”

“If we’re talking about the origin of the actual name, it’s named after this [guy] who’s a bit of a madman.”

David Kenji Chang talks with the founder in his LA studio and new shop to talk about his life’s work and staying weird in a weird world.