The Outlier Way —

Clothing Unwavering Against Compromise


The philosophy behind Outlier may not be abundantly clear but several moments spent with their product or their visuals should evoke something. A moment of intrigue. A sense of movement. It takes a bit of dedication and experience with the brand but with it comes the ability to draw out a series of characteristics that exude a sense of innovation and value. The products they create, which is careful not to present itself as fashion, unite an understanding of design and technical function.

Abe Burmeister (left) and Tyler Clemens (right) in their Brooklyn studio.

Outlier co-founders Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens can be seen in many ways as each other’s opposites. There’s an underlying respect for each other’s offerings and an ultimate shared goal that has seen them well on their way to celebrate their 10-year anniversary this year.


The reason Outlier continues to exist in such a difficult product world comes down to some decidedly unsexy reasons. They’re willing to go further and work harder to create things that aim to provide real-world value in a sea of clothing that is often forgotten in subsequent days after it leaves the front pages of the Internet.


Grit, acute problem-solving skills, and rigor are all certain parts of the equation towards success. But the unwavering reality is that their passion can be seen as fuel to see them through the most difficult of times.


The MAEKAN and Outlier relationship, with the brand and the duo, may have started on professional terms, but it runs deeper than a media-brand relationship. We both got our starts in the industry of fashion and clothing around the same time, and we’ve come to enjoy and revel in each other’s successes and wins. Outlier represented our first ever story on MAEKAN, and since then we’ve been nothing short of excited to see them continually push their narrative forward.

The unassuming entrance to the Outlier studio.

“We try to find things that light up the brain and take us into new territories and we learn. And if we get excited about it, it seems to work because other people get excited too.”

— Abe Burmeister

The Outlier studio encompasses several different rooms each serving everything from sampling to logistics.

Material swatches and visual inspiration on a wall at the Outlier studio.

“We want to focus and be the best in the world.”

— Tyler Clemens

“It’s not about the idea and finding something. That’s just the start. There’s a lot of work behind it. It’s easy to get flustered. You think you find the material and you’re done. You’re only 2% in.”

— Abe Burmeister

“We were sort of outsiders. We had this very instinctive feeling that the product isn’t as good as it should be. We want to buy better-made clothing.”

— Abe Burmeister

David Kenji Chang talks with the founder in his LA studio and new shop to talk about his life’s work and staying weird in a weird world.