Time Waits for No One —

Lauren Gallo on Creating Opportunities for Yourself


Growing up in New York, Lauren Gallo has always been hungry for opportunities, both to earn and more importantly, to learn. From wearing several hats at British members club Soho House to her role at Nike handling global social media, Lauren has never waited for chances to present themselves. In this story, Eugene and Charis talk about what makes her tick and the mindset that helps her to seamlessly transition through 8 cities in 10 years, and make an impact at every opportunity.

“It’s funny because school really wasn’t my thing. I was more interested in working and interning at multiple places at one time and ultimately just grinding.”

“If you don’t have a point of view at the table, you can easily get dismissed. Whether your point of view is good or bad, I think you should still have it and stand by it.”

“If you’re not excited about whatever your marketing or communicating, it will completely show, and the consumer is really smart.”

“There’s something about Manhattan that makes you that much more hungrier in life.”

“Everything that has come to me within my life and career is because I just put myself out there.”

“Good marketers are people that are good communicators, that are to articulate, develop and present their marketing plans to various stakeholders.”

“I say this to my team pretty often. It’s really not about what you can own but what you can influence.”