Common Chords Between Female Graphic Designers in the NBA


If you’ve been to an NBA game before, then chances are you’ve seen Lauren Fisher and Amanda Fisher’s work. That’s because Lauren is the motion graphics designer and director behind large-scale 3D court projections, most notably for the Atlanta Hawks, while Amanda spent over a decade producing graphics for the league. Although having worked many years apart, both have been along for the ride as basketball became increasingly popular and the language — visual or otherwise — made its mark on the greater culture.



The Work of Lauren Fisher

“You have to be on the bleeding edge, you have to do things that feel extremely now.”

“It’s this all encompassing kind of world… Design and clothes and fashion and art, they already seem like they’re holding hands. There’s an on court expression — there’s swagger and everybody’s style coming into play with their personalities.”

 3D court projections featuring Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas and Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard, courtesy of The Famous Group, the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics.



The Work of Amanda Fisher


“I think today people have no idea how things were done before everything was done on computers. Although we did have computers, we were very much in between doing it the traditional way and doing it the way that we do now.”

“Graphics is a very visceral way of looking at art because you’re giving the message and it has to be really clear and easy for people to understand, but at the same time, every time you do it it has to be different and stylish and take the way that people visually think into a different direction.”

The work of Amanda Fisher is courtesy of the National Basketball Association.

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