What’s Happened to Our Sports Icons?


Why are sports media outlets obsessed with statistics and numbers? How hard is it to tell a good sports-related story? What value does print offer to today’s publishers?
We brought FRANCHISE and Mundial together to tackle these sorts of questions head on in a 90-minute roundtable conversation. These respected print titles shed light on pertinent topics such as social media’s influence on sports journalism, how commercialization has influenced the values of sports, and what the future holds for sports media.


“It’s important that we’re rooted in print […] because each of us have been burned by that digital age of football (soccer) writing.”

— Daniel Sandison, Mundial

Guest speakers include Daniel Sandison (editor-in-chief) and Sam Diss (contributing editor) of Mundial, and Kasia Pawlowska (editor) and Brock Batten (co-founder) of FRANCHISE Magazine.

“If you define your own values […] you have a North Star to guide you when working with brands and dealing with money.”

— Brock Batten, FRANCHISE Magazine

“If a woman isn’t scantily clad on the sidelines… It’s like this alien being.”

— Kasia Pawlowska, FRANCHISE Magazine

How would controversial sports icons such as Dennis Rodman, Allen Iverson, Diego Maradona and George Best survive if they played in today’s social media-driven world?

“People want to feel smart and they want to read a good story. I think that’s so much more important than time. People will always make time for something that’s good. ”

— Sam Diss, Mundial