October 11, 2019

Making It Up 105: Bankrupt Forever 21 and esports apparel monetization

On Making It Up 105, Eugene and Charis discuss Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy and the evolving role of shopping malls. They also talk about the monetization of esports apparel and the possibilities for brands within the gaming industry.


00:01:22 Forever 21
00:20:12 Esports apparel
00:40:15 Banter


October 7, 2019

Making It Up 104: The MacArthur Grant and luxury’s position on climate crisis activism

On Making It Up 104, Charis and Eugene talk about the 2019 MacArthur Grant winners and how money supports innovative work. They also discuss Greta Thunberg, LVMH’s Bernard Arnault’s comments about her, and the relationship between luxury and climate crisis activists.

September 26, 2019

Making It Up 103: Influencer grammar and YouTube verification

On Making It Up 103, Eugene and Charis talk about whether good grammar matters, especially when it comes to material written by Southeast Asian influencers. They also discuss YouTube’s announcement regarding overhauling its verification program and then the quick walk-back of that announcement.


00:02:42 Influencer grammar
00:21:57 YouTube verification
00:43:15 Banter


September 19, 2019

Making It Up 102: Post-humous collections and unionizing

On Making It Up 102, Charis and Eugene discuss Frances Bean Cobain launching the “Kurt Was Here” clothing collection and what the purpose is of releasing post-humous products. They also talk about the union drive occurring at Kickstarter and how unions can function within companies.

September 12, 2019

Making It Up 101: Special Edition featuring Personal Questions

On Making It Up 101, Eugene and Charis celebrate making it to 100 episodes by taking one week off to ask each other hard-hitting big-picture questions about creativity plus some lightning round either or questions.

September 7, 2019

Making It Up 100: Products for older people and disability access

On Making It Up 100, Charis and Eugene talk about why products for older people are poorly designed and how to include older people in the design process. They also discuss Johanna Hedva’s disability access rider and why constructing society around what we often see to be niche groups is actually the best course of action. 


00:03:10 Older people
00:28:11 Disability access


August 29, 2019

Making It Up 099: The future of Diet Prada and the purpose of gender-neutral pronouns

On Making It Up 099, Charis and Eugene discuss the future of Diet Prada, the media company run by Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler that aims to hold the fashion industry accountable. They also talk about the use of gender-neutral pronouns and the possible effects shifting language can have on shifting culture.


00:01:30 Diet Prada
00:28:51 Pronouns


August 21, 2019

Making It Up 098: How memes and brands relate and breaking down virtual influencers

On Making It Up 098, Charis and Eugene talk about the possible relationship between memes and brands as being top-down or bottom-up, giving the New York Times and Wendy’s as examples of each. They also discuss the new virtual influencer Liam Nikuro and what virtual influencer companies get right and what they could do better.


00:01:41 Memes and brands
00:22:39 Virtual influencers


August 2, 2019

Making It Up 097: The history and effect of the hipster

On Making It Up 097, Eugene and Charis discuss only one topic this week, but go all in on it. Greg Jackson’s essay “Hipster Elegies” provides the starting point for a conversation on the history of the hipster and the importance of the hipster on the evolution of culture.

July 24, 2019

Making It Up 096: Peak podcast and the Bob Ross paintings mystery

On Making It Up 096, Charis and Eugene talk about whether we have reached peak podcast and, if not, what peak podcast would look like. They also discuss where the thousands of Bob Ross paintings are, what his appeal has been in the last five years, and how people are seeking hope wherever they can.


00:02:27 Peak podcast
00:31:46 Bob Ross


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