February 13, 2020

Making It Up 115: Spotify acquires The Ringer and black music in white spaces

On Making It Up 115, Charis and Eugene talk about Spotify’s recent acquisition of The Ringer and the effects of media consolidation. They also discuss a personal essay that describes the discomfort felt in hearing black music become the default choice for high end spaces and how black music is cherrypicked as being beneficial to commercial spaces.


00:01:52 Spotify and The Ringer
00:26:26 Black music


February 10, 2020

Making It Up 114: “American Dirt” and giving good waiting staff respect

On Making It Up 114, Charis and Eugene talk about the complex conversation surrounding “American Dirt” by Jeanine Cummins (a novel about a Mexican mom and her son fleeing for the United States) which revolves around the question of who should tell what stories. They also discuss the perception of waiting staff in restaurants and what the effects are of good service on dining experiences.


00:13:44 “American Dirt”
00:43:09 Good service


February 5, 2020

Making It Up 113: Record number of new podcasts in 2019 and the future of fashion PR

On Making It Up 113, Charis and Eugene discuss what it means for podcasting that there were a record number of new podcasts launched in 2019. They also talk about Brian Phillips deciding to close his art and fashion public relations company Black Frame and the shift in fashion public relations as a whole.

January 19, 2020

Making It Up 112: Forming new habits and the decade in fashion

On Making It Up 112, Charis and Eugene talk about how to form new habits and, specifically, how to maintain good financial habits. They also discuss the past decade in fashion, including the topics of media fragmentation, online fashion, and democracy in fashion.


00:03:25 New habits
00:22:49 Decade in fashion


January 2, 2020

Making It Up 111: Shawn Stussy x Dior and Charis’ new podcast “To Bring Back”

On Making It Up 111, Charis and Eugene talk about the collaboration between Shawn Stussy and Kim Jones for Dior’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection. They also discuss “To Bring Back”, Charis’ new podcast, and air episode one. You can listen to “To Bring Back” on iTunes, Spotify, and your preferred podcast apps.

November 29, 2019

Making It Up 110: Access instead of ownership and reseller luxury

On Making It Up 110, Charis and Eugene talk about an article written by Alex Danco titled “Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours” about how technology has evolved to be about access at the expense of ownership. They also discuss reseller platforms such as The RealReal and what their relationship is to the primary luxury market.


00:01:05 Nothing is ours

00:21:53 Reseller luxury

00:40:18 Banter


November 22, 2019

Making It Up 109: Feeling no pleasure in music and the anatomy of a TikTok hit

On Making It Up 109, Charis and Eugene talk about musical anhedonia, the condition where people feel no pleasure in music, and whether that has implications on the world of audio. They also discuss the anatomy of a TikTok hit and what kind of music goes viral on that platform.


00:00:55 Musical anhedonia
00:27:34 TikTok hits
00:41:19 Banter


November 14, 2019

Making It Up 108: Streaming services and tokenism

On Making It Up 108, Charis and Eugene talk about Disney+ and Apple TV+, two new streaming services, launching with series that cost an unprecedented amount of money per episode to make. They also discuss tokenism: what it is, how to deal with it, and whether there are silver linings to it.

November 2, 2019

Making It Up 107: New tech is a hard sell and rich people are really lucky

On Making It Up 107, Eugene and Charis discuss why new technology is difficult to convince people to adopt. They also talk about the habits of the ultra wealthy as well as a new study that shows a key factor in becoming very rich is luck.


00:01:20 Ultra wealthy
00:27:22 New tech
00:44:45 Banter


October 23, 2019

Making It Up 106: TikTok content moderation issues and Adobe blocks Venezuelan users

On Making It Up 106, Charis and Eugene talk about TikTok hiring a law firm to advise them on their content moderation policies due to increasing scrutiny of the app. They also discuss Adobe being required to block Venezuelan users from their products due to the latest sanctions on the country.


00:01:24 TikTok
00:19:32 Adobe
00:31:54 Banter


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