January 25, 2021

Making It Up 095: Instagram combats bullying and the millennial art market

On Making It Up 095, Charis and Eugene discuss measures Instagram as a platform is taking to combat bullying and more generally what bullying looks like. They also talk about how the art market is changing to attract younger collectors, as well as the company Otis which is about investing in “alternative assets.”

January 18, 2021

Making It Up 149: CIA rebranding and Public Domain Day

On Making It Up 149, Charis and Eugene discuss the recent rebranding the CIA launched to attract more diverse employees. They also talk about the 2021 Public Domain Day and what it means for works to enter the public domain.


00:04:25 CIA rebrand
00:19:42 Public Domain Day


January 1, 2021

Making It Up 148: 2020 Wrap Up

On Making It Up 148, Charis and Eugene answer a couple of questions about this past year. They talk about how they’re feeling, what a “new year” means, and what they’ve learned about work and themselves.


00:07:00 How are you feeling emotionally?
00:13:39 Is it really a “new year”?
00:18:55 What are you excited about?
00:25:41 What did you learn about work in 2020?
00:33:13 What did you learn about yourself in 2020?
00:36:34 What got you excited about creativity this year?

December 29, 2020

Making It Up 147: NFT art and the evolution of the web

On Making It Up 147, Charis and Eugene discuss a new collection of artwork released by the artist Beeple that is in the form of NFT. They also talk about Async Art, a new kind of art movement built on the blockchain. Their second subject of the week is the state of the web in the year 2000 compared to what it is now, based on an article written by Postlight CEO Paul Ford.


00:03:23 NFT art
00:25:17 Evolution of the web


December 14, 2020

Making It Up 146: AOC streams Among Us on Twitch and resilience in small businesses

On Making It Up 146, Charis and Eugene talk about Canadian NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing Among Us on Twitch with other streamers. They also discuss small businesses forced to adopt start-up mentalities and what resilience looks like.


00:02:48 Politicians streaming
00:24:46 Small business resilience


December 10, 2020

Making It Up 145: Data is fire and Instagram shopping

On Making It Up 145, Charis and Eugene discuss how data is both dangerous and useful, how it has impacted growth of all kinds and changed the way we think about algorithms. They also talk about Instagram going all-in on shopping and what we personally turn to Instagram for now.


00:01:58 Data is fire
00:27:15 Instagram shopping


November 24, 2020

Making It Up 144: Two Hollywood dudes buy a football club for content and the value of friendships in life

On Making It Up 144, Charis and Eugene talk about Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buying Wrexham AFC, a Welsh football club, and making content about the process. They also discuss two different articles about friendship, shallow ones and deeply intimate ones, and what it means to value friendship.


00:03:10 Football content
00:25:21 Friendship


November 16, 2020

Making It Up 143: Airbnb makes a toolkit for freelance illustrators called Tyrus and Stephen Satterfield on building empathy through origins

On Making It Up 143, Charis and Eugene talk about the digital toolkit created by Airbnb Design that aims to help freelance illustrators with their client and business management so they can focus more on creating. They also discuss an interview with Stephen Satterfield, co-founder of Whetstone Media, published in Currant about empathy, origins, and fluency with food.


00:02:35 Illustrator toolkit Tyrus
00:15:49 Empathy through origins


November 9, 2020

Making It Up 142: Colors easing quarantine anxiety and stealing great ideas

On Making It Up 142, Charis and Eugene talk about the new color choices people have made during quarantine for their interior spaces and whether that’s potentially soothing. They also discuss the importance of looking outside your area of expertise and industry to find new creative solutions.


00:02:21 Quarantine colors
00:17:40 Steal ideas


November 2, 2020

Making It Up 141: Microplastics awareness and the viral TikTok beatmaker Ricky Desktop

On Making It Up 141, Charis and Eugene discuss the problem of harmful microplastics when using and washing synthetic materials. They also talk about Ricky Desktop, a viral Tiktok beatmaker, and the science behind crafting the perfect thing to beat the algorithm.


00:02:06 Microplastics
00:19:49 Algorithm mastery


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