November 24, 2020

Making It Up 144: Two Hollywood dudes buy a football club for content and the value of friendships in life

On Making It Up 144, Charis and Eugene talk about Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buying Wrexham AFC, a Welsh football club, and making content about the process. They also discuss two different articles about friendship, shallow ones and deeply intimate ones, and what it means to value friendship.


00:03:10 Football content
00:25:21 Friendship


November 16, 2020

Making It Up 143: Airbnb makes a toolkit for freelance illustrators called Tyrus and Stephen Satterfield on building empathy through origins

On Making It Up 143, Charis and Eugene talk about the digital toolkit created by Airbnb Design that aims to help freelance illustrators with their client and business management so they can focus more on creating. They also discuss an interview with Stephen Satterfield, co-founder of Whetstone Media, published in Currant about empathy, origins, and fluency with food.


00:02:35 Illustrator toolkit Tyrus
00:15:49 Empathy through origins


November 9, 2020

Making It Up 142: Colors easing quarantine anxiety and stealing great ideas

On Making It Up 142, Charis and Eugene talk about the new color choices people have made during quarantine for their interior spaces and whether that’s potentially soothing. They also discuss the importance of looking outside your area of expertise and industry to find new creative solutions.


00:02:21 Quarantine colors
00:17:40 Steal ideas


November 2, 2020

Making It Up 141: Microplastics awareness and the viral TikTok beatmaker Ricky Desktop

On Making It Up 141, Charis and Eugene discuss the problem of harmful microplastics when using and washing synthetic materials. They also talk about Ricky Desktop, a viral Tiktok beatmaker, and the science behind crafting the perfect thing to beat the algorithm.


00:02:06 Microplastics
00:19:49 Algorithm mastery


October 26, 2020

Making It Up 140: Afew x ASICS GEL-Lyte 3 community sneaker and the pandemic content void

On Making It Up 140, Charis and Eugene talk about the collaborative sneaker project being run by Afew and ASICS for the 30th anniversary of the GEL-Lyte 3 that includes major community input. They also discuss an article that considers the effects of less continual documentation and publication of our personal lives on social media during the pandemic.


00:02:52 Afew x ASICS
00:21:21 Content vacuum


October 19, 2020

Making It Up 139: Pandemic art and bookclubs

On Making It Up 139, Charis and Eugene discuss the new tech startup BookClub and how niche groups of people formed around singular interests benefit (or not) from technological additions. They also talk about trends in art this year in relation to the pandemic and lockdowns.


00:01:43 Bookclubs
00:15:45 Pandemic art


October 5, 2020

Making It Up 138: Fashion consumption under capitalism and a tech-free life

On Making It Up 138, Charis and Eugene talk about whether it’s hypocritical to criticize capitalism while also spending money on clothes. They also discuss what a wholly tech-free life looks like.

September 24, 2020

Making It Up 137: Hong Kong food culture and chess popularity

On Making It Up 137 Eugene and Charis talk about how Hong Kong’s food culture has adapted in the pandemic. They also discuss chess as a current streaming obsession and how AI is making the game beautiful again.

September 17, 2020

Making It Up 136: New York's "death" and the luck factor

On Making It Up 136, Charis and Eugene talk about whether New York (or any city) can die. They also talk about why successful people rarely acknowledge the role of luck in their lives.


00:02:14 Is New York dead?

00:31:33 Luck and success


September 7, 2020

Making It Up 135: Fashion graduates and creative peers

On Making It Up 135, Charis and Eugene talk about the challenges facing fashion design graduates due to the pandemic. They also discuss how creative peers can accelerate personal growth.


00:01:44 Fashion grads
00:23:57 Creative peers


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