September 24, 2020

Making It Up 137: Hong Kong food culture and chess popularity

On Making It Up 137 Eugene and Charis talk about how Hong Kong’s food culture has adapted in the pandemic. They also discuss chess as a current streaming obsession and how AI is making the game beautiful again.

September 17, 2020

Making It Up 136: New York's "death" and the luck factor

On Making It Up 136, Charis and Eugene talk about whether New York (or any city) can die. They also talk about why successful people rarely acknowledge the role of luck in their lives.


00:02:14 Is New York dead?

00:31:33 Luck and success


September 7, 2020

Making It Up 135: Fashion graduates and creative peers

On Making It Up 135, Charis and Eugene talk about the challenges facing fashion design graduates due to the pandemic. They also discuss how creative peers can accelerate personal growth.


00:01:44 Fashion grads
00:23:57 Creative peers


September 2, 2020

Making It Up 134: Remote onboarding and the Telfar bag

On Making It Up 134, Charis and Eugene talk about what it’s like to start a job remotely and get onboarded during the pandemic. They also discuss Telfar, a brand founded by Telfar Clemens, and the popularity of their “Bushwick Birkin”.


00:04:09 Remote onboarding
00:23:19 Telfar


August 25, 2020

Making It Up 133: What MasterClass actually sells and how Shopify arms the rebels

On Making It Up 133, Charis and Eugene talk about the appeal and value of MasterClass as it relates to education, capitalism, and constantly trying to self-improve. They also discuss how Shopify democratized e-commerce to such a degree that the real winners aren’t brands at all.


00:02:15 MasterClass
00:28:49 Shopify


August 18, 2020

Making It Up 132: Other people’s problems and tips for community funding with Behzod Sirjani

On Making It Up 132, Charis and Eugene chat with special guest Behzod Sirjani. They start off with some banter about Behzod’s work leading an independent research practice, plus a bit about Chloe Ting, then move on to the big topics of the episode: the reductive seduction of other people’s problems and some tips for independent creators looking to raise funds or establish a community of support.


00:15:04 Other people’s problems
00:42:32 Community funding


August 10, 2020

Making It Up 131: Racial bias in photography tech and good media happenings

On Making It Up 131, Eugene and Charis discuss racial bias in photography technology and terminology. They also talk about some good things happening in new age media: the formation of Defector, a new sports blog and media company started by the people who left Deadspin in 2019.

August 3, 2020

Making It Up 130: AI graphic design and research on the future of luxury

On Making It Up 130, Charis and Eugene talk about artificial intelligence in the realm of graphic design. They also discuss a Highsnobiety and Boston Consulting Group white paper on the future of luxury and the new luxury consumer.


00:01:46 AI graphic design
00:24:47 Future of luxury


July 24, 2020

Making It Up 129: Paid communities and the Simone Biles Vogue photoshoot

On Making It Up 129, Charis and Eugene talk about Toby Shorin’s latest essay, “Come for the Network, Pay for the Tool”, which talks about the emergence of paid communities from the combination of social, content, and commerce. They also discuss the recent Vogue cover of Simone Biles shot by Annie Leibovitz and the criticism that arose regarding the photos.


00:01:10 Paid communities
00:29:51 Vogue cover


July 20, 2020

Making It Up 128: Parenting as gardening and Silicon Valley on tech media

On Making It Up 128, Charis and Eugene discuss the modern approach to parenting and misunderstandings of childhood. They also talk about Silicon Valley’s attitude towards tech media as well as the issue of privacy in digital conversations.


00:02:58 Parenting
00:23:36 Tech Media


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