Nate’s Writing —



Often before a MAEKAN story becomes the sounds you hear and the pictures you see, it starts out as a script—and that means a lot of words. While writing or typing every day is a great habit to develop creativity, it’s also a good way to get achy fingers and eyes too if you’re not careful. In this latest MAEKAN Tools, Nate shares three uncommon tools that help make his day-to-day writing work smoother and more manageable.

Letterforms Dry Erase Notebooks

Fleshing out ideas on re-usable pages mean not having to worry about neatness, making mistakes or a finished product.

A modified square notepad next to its original passport size.

Monitor in Portrait Mode

Minor audio or video work aside, Nate’s external monitor is almost always in portrait.

When it’s not holding the word processor, the portrait monitor is great for visual references including websites.

Logitic G502 Proteus Spectrum

The mouse can also switch profiles depending on which program is active, make switching tasks seamless.

While some gaming mice can have up to 20 customizable buttons, more “conservative” options balance utility and manageability.