The Audio Rig —



From left to right, top to bottom: Minolta camera case, XLR cable, foam windscreen, Azden SGM-250 Shotgun Microphone, and Zoom H5 Handy Recorder.

As an audio-focused publication, MAEKAN wouldn’t be what it is without an amazing sound engineer, and like any professional photographer or videographer in the field, ours relies on quality equipment suited for the job. But like gear for taking pictures or video, there is no one best option. Depending on the style or needs of the artist, it could take a handful—or packful—of equipment pieces to capture the visual world around us in each way, but try taking all of that out into the streets with you.


In this latest edition of TOOLS, we look at MAEKAN resident audio maestro Elphick Wo’s powerful, but compact and discreet rig that he takes with him to capture sounds outside of the studio.