Meaningful Things —

Makoto Azuma and Shunsuke Shiinoki of AMKK


As we got to know Makoto Azuma and Shunsuke Shiinoki of floral art initiative AMKK over two days in Tokyo, we learned about the eclectic pair’s essentials. In our main story with them, you’ll see that there’s more to these guys than just flowers. Included in this edition of Meaningful Things are items unique items to both Makoto and Shunsuke, but also a few common pieces the two share over at the studio.⁣


Shunsuke’s Things

 AMKK’s renowned photographer talks about his Saint Laurent jacket that he wears every day, his Gibson Flying V electric guitar and his Japenese hand-made glasses.

Shunsuke wears this gold Saint Laurent jacket everyday underneath his lab coat.

Shunsuke purchased the Gibson Flying V about two years ago because he really liked its shape.

Shunsuke’s pair of hand-made glasses that his wife bought for him.

Makoto’s Things

The floral mastermind shares stories behind some of his most prized possessions, including his custom flower scissors that are crafted by a bladesmith in Kyoto, his Omamori and his BMX.

Makoto’s third pair of custom flower cutters designed specifically for his hands. He replaces them every 5 years.

A gift from Makoto’s ex-girlfriend from high school, which he still carries around with him for good luck.

Makoto’s custom BMX that he rides to work everyday.

Makoto and Shunsuke’s Things

The minds behind AMKK talk about their common items at their studio, such as their new electric vehicle, their favorite beer and their iQOS smokeless cigarettes.

AMKK’s electric vehicle that they use to run errands.

Makoto and Shunsuke’s favorite “healthy” beer.

Makoto and Shunsuke switched over to iQOS smokeless cigarettes about 2 years ago.