MAEKAN Session — The Changing Cannabis Consumer

The changing cannabis landscape has in large part to do with relaxed legislation in the U.S. The industry’s infancy has meant that we’ve witnessed changes take place before our eyes, as well as amongst a single generation of cannabis users. In this MAEKAN Session, we spoke with artist Ryan Fenchel, Ariel Stark-Benz of Mister Green, Joie Meffert of Apothecanna, and Bert Youn of The Good Liver.


Over the course of the conversation, some key themes surfaced including the differences between street and dispensary experiences, the potential for corporate monopolies, the community of indie cannabis brands, the role of celebrities as vehicles towards mainstream acceptance, and finally, the influx of “tech geeks” in the cannabis space.


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“I almost look at the tech world as being a pretty good match for the cannabis industry because there are so many nerdy stoners who’d love to get a piece of this action.”

— Ariel Stark-Benz of Mister Green details a fast-growing symbiotic relationship in the cannabis space

“There [are] people who just enjoy the plant and they just started growing it. And then at some point [they] started selling it and had a really low-level operation that all of a sudden became quite lucrative.”

— Ariel Stark-Benz of Mister Green on how and why some people get involved in the cannabis industry in the first place