Raeburn’s RÆBURN —

unveils Recycled Tents with The North Face


Who’s involved and what is it?

Christopher Raeburn’s RÆMADE partners with The North Face UK on a line of bags and accessories. The bags feature repurposed The North Face tents that are no longer repairable. The current crop of yellow bags are a representation of some of the creations but ultimately bags of all types of colors with varying degrees of wear and tear will make their way into the collection. RÆMADE’s ethos is to take surplus garments and offer them a new life with distinctive and functional designs.

Why it’s important?

The MAEKAN community (on Slack and Instagram Stories) has debated extensively around the rise of second-hand goods and what the future looks like for fashion brands. A point of particular interest revolves around the relevancy of brands creating new items and how consumers will react. If second-hand is normalized with the right channels (such as marketplaces), what value will new brands and designers offer? However, initiatives such as RÆMADE and The North Face represent how brands can still create new designs while minimizing their carbon footprint.

David Kenji Chang talks with the founder in his LA studio and new shop to talk about his life’s work and staying weird in a weird world.