RYSE & MAEKAN Residency —

An Illustrated Interview with Artist & Customizer Hyunye


Our recent MAEKAN Artist Suite at RYSE Hotel hosted Korean artist and customizer Hyunye for a week-long stay. Over the course of the week, she set up shop in the RYSE lounge as guests and fans alike could pop in and have her customize some of their favorite objects with her unique style. The outcome were a serious of canvas and customized pieces that featured textured and 3D elements, each unique and signed.


In the past, Hyunye has collaborated with Vans, Goyard, and Louis Vuitton among others. And while her approach is distinctly loose and raw, her interest lies in provoking audiences and provide a deeper commentary through an approachable and authentic style.


As part of her stay in the MAEKAN Artist Suite, we asked her to provide illustrated answers to ten of life’s deepest questions. If you ever make your way out to Seoul, stop into RYSE which is quickly becoming one of the premier cultural and creative touchpoints in both the Hongdae neighborhood and the city as a whole. There you’ll find world-class dining options such as Tartine Bakery, Long Chim, and Le Chamber as well as retailer one of Seoul’s leading retailers, WORKSOUT.

———— 1 ————

Draw yourself as a 5-year old.

———— 2 ————

What is your favorite animal?

———— 3 ————

What is your favorite food?

———— 4 ————

Draw “water”.

———— 5 ————

What does your computer desktop look like?

———— 6 ————

What do aliens look like?

———— 7 ————

What inanimate object best describes you?

———— 8 ————

What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?

———— 9 ————

What makes you happy?

———— 10 ————

Draw yourself in 50 years.

To see more of Hyunye’s work, check out her Tumblr or her Instagram.