Coffee, Rituals and Good Design —

Constellation Supply Co.’s Evan Dohrmann Talks Coffee Rituals


The universal nature of coffee lends itself to people of all walks of life. From the creative to the analytical, it serves as an important part of the daily routine. Each individual determines the purpose and intent behind each cup they consume. Some do it for functional purposes, others for mood and experience. Evan Dohrmann recognized the dynamic nature of coffee, distilling years of coffee experience and routine to create Constellation Supply Co., a brand defined by our rituals.

“The fetishization of anything, coffee specifically… it becomes problematic when we start to put up boundaries and impose our ideas and thoughts on other people.”

Coffee. It’s been the age-old beverage of choice for facilitating communication, alertness, relaxation, and ritual. Evan Dohrmann’s initial interest in coffee began with his parent’s ritualistic coffee brewing every morning. It took several years for Evan to fully immerse himself into the nuances of coffee. He got his start in food & beverage after an enlightening trip to New Zealand. This led to a successful tenure with Little Red Bike Cafe, a Portland-based neighborhood eatery focused on breakfast and lunch operated in tandem with his wife, Ali Jepson. An everyday involvement with coffee and roasting would reignite a new passion with Evan. One that went beyond a prototypical high school student’s experience of sickly sweet, milk-ladened coffees out of a machine.  

The Big Dipper

“We want to celebrate the rituals of people’s daily lives.”

As he fell deeper and deeper into coffee. He took on a role as Senior West Coast Associate for Stumptown Coffee, moving from Portland to Los Angeles to set-up shop. He also became enamored with coffee’s ritualistic nature. Coffee draws out strong reactions when people describe their own rituals. Ask 10 coffee drinkers their preferred method only to have 10different responses in return. This aspect of coffee is a unique proposition that offers a cross-sectional look at what it means to different people and at different parts of their day. The first few moments upon waking could be as therapeutic as getting out the burr grinder and your desired mechanical implements. Others prefer to blindly shuffle around the cabinets in a daze. They slide a spring-loaded door open in pursuit of an automated cup of espresso created against the sound of a loud Nespresso hum. Evan took a step back and looked at the ability to create great coffee. An honest cup devoid of pretension that frequently emerged with the advent of coffee shops aiming to establish a regiment to coffee consumption. Evan wanted to challenge what was extraneous to the process and create something simple and straightforward.Constellation Supply Co. was born.

Each Constellation Supply Co. piece is made with expert hands.

Drippers have existed in the past, but Evan set out to create something aesthetically unique and timeless. “The Little Dripper is a celebration of what we believe is already the best method for brewing delicious coffee, and a humble attempt to make it even better. More simple.” In doing so, he partnered with ceramic experts on the West Coast to create and produce a durable heirloom that would serve its purpose many years down the line. The Little Dripper is just the start of Constellation Supply Co.’s overall vision of celebrating daily moments and their purpose in setting us up on our daily path for success. The final product is often where we focus our attention. Constellation Supply Co. flips the script to highlight the ritual and the process, on your terms.

David Kenji Chang talks with the founder in his LA studio and new shop to talk about his life’s work and staying weird in a weird world.