Sounds of Tokyo

As the latest collaborative effort between MAEKAN Sound Engineer Elphick Wo and Producer Tee, Sounds of Tokyo transports you to the vibrant metropolis by reinventing its addictive energy and character through a soundtrack composed solely of audio captured in the field. Sit back, plug in headphones and experience this MAEKAN Originals short.

Recorded by Elphick G. Wo (Delf)
Composed by Elphick G. Wo (Delf)/ Terence Lam (TEE)
Mixed by Elphick G. Wo (Delf)/ Terence Lam (TEE)
Mastered by Elphick G. Wo (Delf)
Photos by MAEKAN

A Photographic Journey through Tokyo

Shot entirely on film, the following is a series of still images that were captured over the course of two separate trips to Tokyo, Japan. Captured by photographer Christopher Lim, alongside MAEKAN’s editorial team, all of the photos were shot using 35mm and 120mm film. Lim employed a Yashica T4 Super D, Olympus MJU II and Pentax 645 while shooting on Kodak Portra 400, 800, UltraMax 400 and Gold 200.


The images were developed and scanned in Hong Kong for digital usage in this story.

A bench inside of the Tokyo Metro station.

Inside of the Tokyo Metro during off-peak hours.

A business man patiently waits on the platform for a train.

A brisk winter afternoon in Shibuya, Tokyo.

A couple dine together in silence at a restaurant.

Bokeh lights of the Tokyo city streets by night.

Scenes from inside an arcade in Akihabara, Tokyo.

A series of escalators in Akihabara Electric Town.

Sensō-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple and market located in Asakusa, Tokyo.

People celebrating National Foundation Day in Minato, Tokyo.