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The Music Room at Potato Head Hong Kong


Nestled deep within restaurant and bar Potato Head Hong Kong is a soon to be legendary “Music Room.” This descriptor is no hyperbole, however, as entering the room requires you to navigate a dark labyrinthian set of corridors that pass by various areas that form the back-of-house.


But as you swing open the door, you’re rewarded for your efforts with a cozy room and a library of some 8,000 records. A true sanctuary for relaxation and music, it’s fitted with some of the region’s best audio equipment and perforated wood paneling for both sound isolation and just the right touch of warmth to heighten the intimacy.


On the evening we were there, the master of ceremonies was one Johnny Hiller, whose role as Music Director is to both curate the music and set the mood of the room. However, the Potato Head “Music Room” favors the fortunate, and isn’t open every evening. But if chance strikes and you get to pop in, have a seat and enjoy. The visit is well worth it.