Psychedelic Blues Single-Use 35mm Camera


Digital cameras removed most of the mystery from photography. Nowadays, you can precisely calculate shots to be exactly as you envision them, but sometimes you want to surprise yourself. These one-use cameras are packed with Psych Blues #2, a custom roll of Kodak C41 film hand-fogged California-based photographer Dustin Adams, also known as Psychedelic Blues. Be sure to check out our Sights & Sounds story with the artist himself.


The camera bodies are upcycled disposable cameras complete with flash and your choice of black or white cover wrapper. Each ISO 400 roll includes 24 shots, each partially exposed by hand using lasers and controlled light leaks so that every image is unique. With this in hand, unpredictability becomes part of your process.


C41 is a widespread film developing process introduced by Kodak in 1972, meaning the film can be developed at any photo lab that processes color film. 


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