Pierogis and buy nothing

Making It Up 199


Eugene and Charis discuss Buy Nothing groups/movement and what a change in platform means for their participants. They also talk about Kevin LaBuz’s article “Grandma’s Pierogis” about how corporate culture is created and knowledge passed on.



  • 00:04:47 Buy nothing
  • 00:20:49 Pierogis




Key moments in culture in 2021 and Reflect on significant changes that will carry forwards.
The global appeal of Squid Game and the possibility of supposedly niche cultural entertainment going viral and The importance of Frances Haugen, the latest Facebook whistleblower, coming forward to testify about the need for social media platform regulations.
Star Atlas, a space-fantasy RPG built on the Solana blockchain, that indicates the promising possibilities of funding game development through digital asset ownership and The prevalence of captions on TikTok and how the use of captions signals considerations of design and inclusion.