Indestructible: The DSPTCH Origin Story With Richard Liu

Indestructible: The DSPTCH Origin Story With Richard Liu Interview & Audio by Eugene Kan Photos by Behzod Sirjani & Eugene Kan For the MAEKAN and DSPTCH family, we’ve watched each other grow with great interest. Both of us share a similar perspective on creating and putting things out into the world. So when we first […]

Sights & Sounds — Wyatt Clough

Sights & Sounds — Wyatt Clough Text & Audio by Nate Kan Photos by Wyatt Clough Sights & Sounds is an audio-visual series where photographers tell the tales behind some of their favorite shots.   In this latest episode, Toronto-based filmmaker and photographer Wyatt Clough shares a few shots from his collection that span his […]

Making It Up 170: Sports journalism and selling out

Charis and Eugene talk about Naomi Osaka choosing to not do press at the French Open and what the relationship is between press and athletes should be. They also discuss the shift in perception of creatives signing corporate deals.

Making It Up 167: Museum NFTs and keeping the line alive

Eugene and Charis discuss what alternative forms of value there are, beyond financial, in engaging with NFTs in museums. They also discuss “keeping the line alive” in creative work as written about by artist Mateusz Urbanowicz.

Making It Up 165: Social media managing and the commune lifestyle

Eugene and Charis talk about the difficulties that social media managers face and how platforms as well as businesses could do a better job of supporting workers in that area. They also discuss an essay that describes the author’s life growing up on a commune and what non-commune individuals could learn from that mentality.