MAEKAN x WOODCO “Hard Work” Candle


You’re two coffees in, and you’ve scrolled till your thumbs hurt. You stare down at your to-do list. Massive. Let us motivate you to put in some hard work by burning this candle. If this special blend of freesia, jasmine, white musk, musk, bergamot, and Thai tulip doesn’t have you ready to destroy your to-do list… you’re a lost cause. This candle features coconut and soy wax, a clean-burning wood wick, and is hand-poured with love in Hong Kong.


Lighting this is like feeling caffeine enter your bloodstream and your mind clear, as superhuman focus and intention sets in. This MAEKAN x WOODCO “Hard Work” Candle is part of a round-the-clock candle experience alongside the “Wind Down” Candle.


WOODCO is a mother-daughter duo that took a liking to candle making and brings their spin on scents to capture a moment in time – an ounce of nostalgia. Their formulas go through rigorous rounds of trial and error before they deliver the final beautiful concoction.


This candle is available in two sizes:

  • 100g (approx. 3.5 oz.): Suitable for smaller areas, such as a bathroom.
  • 260g (approx. 9.2 oz.): Suitable for larger areas, such as a bedroom or living room.


Important: The candles are free of paraffins (which have a higher melting point) and use both soy and coconut wax, which both have lower melting points. We apologize in advance if you experience any leakage of oil residues when shipping to warmer areas. 


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