Making It Up 69 —

Special episode recap of the Unexpected Connections conference


Unexpected Connections was a conference hosted by Imprint and MAEKAN which happened November 7, 2018 in Long Beach, California. In this episode, Eugene and Charis discuss what went well, what could be improved on, and what lessons they’ve learned. Unexpected connections are the simplest way of describing creativity. In its most basic form, it’s pattern recognition, and at its most complex, it’s a tangled web that humans have become surprisingly great at deconstructing. The conference brought together people from disparate walks of life to speak in conversation with each other on stage. Speakers included John Maeda, Julia Huang, John C Jay, Jason Mayden, Jun Cha, Jennifer Ferro, Lindsay Jang, David Choe, James Bailey, Charis Poon, Eugene Kan, Jeff Staple, Karen Okonkwo, Madeleine Brand, Helen Zia, and Kenya Hara.