Grilling Me Softly —

Retracing the Family Spirit with Raph Holzer


Fernet Hunter is a modern take on a classic Italian bitter. A delicate blend of Arnica, Orris Root, Lavender, it owes its unique flavors to the forest and nearby Austrian town of Brunnwald. The creation of Raphael Holzer and Neville Kotewall, its recipe dates back to the early 1900’s with Raphael’s great grandfather, Oskar Holzer.


Generations later, Raphael is continuing the family tradition and introducing the spirit to a new crowd with cocktails that complement it fresh hand-picked botanical ingredients.


In this third episode of Grilling Me Softly, Iris chats with Raph about Fernet and his journey from working hospitality to becoming an entrepreneur in the craft spirits world.

“My father is the one who learned how to distill things. He’s the genius when it comes to alcohol and flavors, and how to work with them and deal with them. He’s incredible when it comes to that knowledge.”

“Everybody travels in Hong Kong. So to put something on the market here, the chances that it will spread across the world faster—it’s now in many more countries than I would have ever managed to do out of Austria.”