Grilling Me Softly —

Food Writing and Farmer’s Markets With Janice Leung Hayes


We’re happy to introduce our inaugural series in partnership with Sunday’s Grocery, titled Grilling Me Softly. Food plays an important role in our cultural landscape and we’re excited to dive deep into some of the interesting and influential figures creating a meaningful impact in the space.


In our first episode, we highlight Janice Leung Hayes. Besides regularly sharing her words of wisdom with publications both local and international, Janice Leung Hayes is a social entrepreneur contributing Hong Kong’s food scene. In addition to leading a company that provides custom food and culture experience, she also helped to launch the Tong Chong Street Market in 2015.


In this inaugural episode of Grilling Me Softly, Iris Van Kerckhove speaks with Janice on the evolution of her career from food writer to community pioneer as well as the nature of food media and sustainability in the city.

“I think partially because the food scene has become so trendy so quickly. A lot of people coming into food writing and media do it because they think it’s cool. [..] They love the restaurant openings, the tastings, and the Instagram attention they get from having a feed full of food.”

— Janice, on the lack of strong food writing in Hong Kong

Janice chatting at the Tong Chong Street Market she founded in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island.