November 4, 2019

News ⚡ — 4 November Monday

Vetements to support young designers with new platform. A full-time musician shows his daily expenses in Spotify streams. The end of an era for retailer Barneys.

1. 👚 Vetements is Launching a Platform to Support Young Designers | Highsnobiety

Vetements co-founder Guram Gvasalia is planning on launching an accelerator-type platform to foster and nurture new fashion talent. The setup will look to provide shared offices, mentorship and scholarships for up and coming artists looking to grow.

Who knows, perhaps some talent will surprise the world with actually innovative designs for once. One can hope…

2. 🎹 A full-time musician works out how much his daily expenses cost in Spotify streams | Alex Leonard
Ever wonder how much it would cost to live as a full-time German musician subsisting on Spotify streams? Even if you haven’t, read this article by Alex Leonard, which breaks down (roughly) the number of streams needed to cover the daily cost-of-living. Spoiler Alert: it’s not an encouraging number.

3. ☠️ Barneys Is Sold for Scrap, Ending an Era | The New York Times
RIP Barneys NYC. The legendary department store which first opened in 1923 is being sold for next to nothing to Authentic Brands Group (which will own the Barneys name). As a local and global institution, Barneys lead the way in introducing some of the world’s premier brands including Armani, Louboutin and CDG.

As it shutters, fashion aficionados and fans alike lament this sad ending to this illustrious company. Ultimately, Barneys is yet another main-street victim in today’s e-commerce world, amongst other factors.

4. 🍄 This mushroom building cleans our air as it grows | Fast Company
Known as The Growing Pavilion, the building was created by Krown-design and debuted at the recent Dutch Design Week.

Constructed out of mycelium, which forms part of fungal colonies, the material offsets the carbon footprint of a building by capturing two times its weight in CO2 whereas the rigid foam plastic EPS panels common in most buildings emit three times as much. No word yet on when the living building will achieve sentience.

5. 📱 iPhones are getting thousands of new fonts from Adobe | The Verge
Apple users can rejoice as Adobe brings thousands of custom fonts to iOS that can be used with iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 apps that support them.

What was once a painful multi-step process is now made simple by downloading Adobe Creative Cloud. iOS users can get access to up to 1,300 fonts for free while Adobe CC subscribers get access to 17,000 fonts. We’ll just stick with Founders Grotesk, thank you very much.

6. 🎛️ The Loupedeck Creative Tool is a physical control deck for creative apps | The Verge
An upgrade to Loupedeck’s original consoles known for their dedicated buttons and switches, the Creative Tool forgoes labels for mini screens for better personalizing the interface.

These include a giant wheel that doubles as both touchscreen display and customizable dial for manually scrubbing through media tracks or adjusting properties.

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