November 1, 2019

News ⚡ — 31 October Thursday

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Twitter to ban all political ads. The coming NBA sneaker revolution. President Obama calls out call-out culture.

1. 😯 Jack Dorsey says Twitter will ban all political ads | TechCrunch
Twitter CEO Jack recently tweeted that the social media platform will be banning all political advertising endorsing specific candidates or stances on particular issues.

The exception to this ban will be more neutral exceptions like advertising for voter registration. Dorsey added the company will share the platform’s final policy by November 15, and begin enforcing it on November 22.

2. 👟 The NBA’s Sneaker Revolution Is Just Getting Started | GQ
Where the league once held a strict on-court dress code, the 2018 relaxation of some of those rules means teams and players can get creative.

Players were originally allowed only predominantly black or white shoes with a bit of team color accent, but the reversal means we’ll be seeing a lot more rare and custom kicks make their way into the game — and in front of adoring sneakerhead audiences.

3. 💯 Watch President Barack Obama make an excellent point about call-out culture. | Rolling Stone
While speaking at an Obama Foundation event in Chicago, the former president criticized the desire among some young people to accentuate their wokeness solely by judging others harshly online.

In addition to decrying online call-out culture as self-congratulatory but shallow clicktivism, he reiterated the inherent complexity of the real world and the need to approach it with nuance.

4. ⚽ Juventus Officially Unveils Monumental Palace & adidas Soccer Kit | High Snobiety
Officially debuted at the Italian football giant’s match with Genoa, the kit confirms long-held rumors about the collaboration. The most noticeable addition to the kit is the neon green logos, names and numbers as well as green and tangerine bands on the cuff of each sleeve.

5. ♻️ Can regenerative agriculture reverse climate change? Big Food is banking on it. | NBC News
Regenerative agriculture relies on methods that optimize the natural efficiency of ecosystems to both raise livestock and grow crops in a sustainable manner.

Large companies like General Mills are seizing on the idea with the promise that this approach to farming will tap carbon in the soil and help reverse climate change. That said, it’s unsure how effective regenerative agriculture will be at doing this and how long the carbon can be stored for.

6. 🐄 We’re very close to disrupting the cow | Fast Company
The US stands to gain significantly if it can cash in on a growing market of tasty, cheap and nutritious foods developed through advanced food science and technology.

That industry is estimated to create 1 million jobs and grow to $1 trillion annually by 2035.

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