October 3, 2019

News ⚡ — Thursday, October 3

KAWS faces backlash after old Chairman Mao artwork goes on auction. ‘Fake News’ Law implemented in Singapore. Algae might be the key to combating climate change.

1. 👀 KAWS faces backlash after Chairman Mao artwork is listed at Sothebys Hong Kong
The signed artwork named “UNTITLED,” dates back to 2002, and is a linen-mounted acrylic painting of what seems to be an official poster of Zedong enhanced with typical KAWS companion features. The artwork has since been taken down from Sothebys auction site but you can still see the image over at Mutual Art. It was originally scheduled for auction on October 7 and was expected to reach between 620,000 and 950,000 Hong Kong Dollars ($79,000 – $121,000 approximately).

2. 🤫 ‘Fake News’ law goes into effect in Singapore, worrying free speech advocates
The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act passed the country’s parliament in May and online platforms including social networking, search engine and news aggregation services to issue corrections or remove content the government deems false. Media companies that fail to comply face a fine of up to a 1 million Singapore dollars (about $722,000).

For individuals, those found guilty, both inside and outside the tiny Southeast Asian city state, could face fines of up to $60,000 or prison for up to 10 years.

3. 🧫 Algae might be a secret weapon to combating climate change
Algae, when used in conjunction with AI-powered bioreactors, is up to 400 times more efficient than a tree at removing CO2 from the atmosphere. That means that while we are learning to reduce carbon emissions and augment our consumption patterns, we can start to make big reductions in atmospheric carbon. When wielded correctly, it could make a city carbon negative without changing current production or consumption patterns of the city.

4. 📡 America’s most polarizing brands: News media companies
The gap between how Republicans and Democrats view national media brands like CNN and Fox news continues to widen, according to the polling, which points to an increase in polarization of news diets across America.

5. 🛍️ Dover Street Market just opened a perfume and cosmetics store in Paris
The Parfums Market is located just two minutes away from Musée Picasso and is stocked with everything from young avant-garde indie labels to the world’s most established brands. Skincare, body and hair care products sit effortlessly alongside the fragrances DSM and CdG have become known for in a space designed by Rei Kawakubo that eschews colorful displays in favor of pillars with egg-shaped shells carved in them.

6. 😯 Hong Kong retailers counting cost after hardcore demonstrators ravage shops during National Day
At least seven shops – seen by demonstrators as pro-Beijing or having links to mainland China – suffered severe damage as anti-government protesters spread across the city to unleash their anger at the Hong Kong and Chinese governments on National Day, which marked the 70th anniversary of communist rule in China.

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