September 9, 2019

News ⚡ — Monday, September 9

Axios’ first Media Trends report of September. Music tech investment firm DBTH Capital raises $38.6M. LeBron James seeks to trademark ‘Taco Tuesday’.

1. 📜 Axios shares its first Media Trends report of SeptemberA $100M podcast mystery, Andrew Yang gets the media cold shoulder and the Washington Post introduces a new masthead.

2. 🤝 Music tech investment firm DBTH capital raises $38.6MThe London-based firm, launched back in 2018, will invest in companies with a focus on entertainment rights, including businesses in blockchain and AI, and form strategic partnerships with music ecosystem stakeholders from labels to managers and streaming platforms.

3. 🌮 LeBron James, a fan of tacos, seeks to trademark ‘Taco Tuesday’“It has nothing to do with stopping others from using the term,” a spokesman for the basketball star said.

4. 📱 Android 10 gets new gestures, dark theme, and privacy improvementsOne of the most contentious updates is the new gesture system, which makes the device behave more like an iPhone, but which breaks functionality on a lot of apps.

5. 👍 Well, that’s good: Science provides evidence optimists live longerNew research reveals how positive thinking affects the body.

6. 🖊️ Sign of the times: how the signature became a meaningless scrawlWritten signatures will soon be redundant even for legal documents, the Law Commission says. Does anyone care?

7. 🌎 The Amazon fires should make it clear. We have got everything wrong on the climate crisisThe Amazon is burning, and your tiny human efforts against the climate crisis have never seemed so meagre.

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