August 13, 2019

News ⚡ — Tuesday, August 13

Nike addresses Joyride comparisons to Puma’s Jamming tech. Farfetch acquires Off-White parent company. Google to start surfacing podcast episodes in search results.

1. 👟 Nike addresses joyride comparisons to Puma’s Jamming tech
From a glance, both technologies make use of comparable materials—what are essentially hundreds of loose pellets packed within visible windows. But while the two advancements may look alike, Nike says they’re actually quite different, and it’s got the science to back up its claims.

2. 🤝 Farfetch acquires Off-White and Heron Preston’s parent company New Guards Group
For Farfetch, this $675 million acquisition adds a new layer to its business model—dubbed “brand platform” in a press release. Farfetch will have the group’s design, production and brand development capabilities.

3. 📈 Google will start surfacing individual podcast episodes in search results – The Verge
For now, people have to begin their search with the word “podcast,” and this applies to Google Assistant as well. Eventually, Google says it’ll support third-party playback, which is important for podcasts that are exclusive to certain platforms.

4. ✈️ Climate crisis may be increasing jet stream turbulence, study finds
The impact goes beyond passengers having to keep their seatbelts on and forgo a plastic cup of wine. More patches of turbulence are likely to mean more diversions as planes try to avoid them, which will increase journey times, emissions and fuel costs.

5. 📺 Nathan Fielder signs HBO deal, new comedy pilot in the works
Under the deal, Fielder will write and direct an as-yet-untitled comedy pilot, in which he will also star. He will also executive produce the upcoming docu-series “How To…With John Wilson.”

6. 👕 Versace courts controversy in China with Hong Kong and Macau t-shirt design
Versace is the latest western designer facing a backlash in China after producing a t-shirt which appeared to refer to special administrative regions Hong Kong and Macau as independent countries.

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