August 22, 2019

News ⚡ — Thursday, August 22

Nike updates policy for pregnant athletes. Chef Gaggan Anand opens up about the closure of his Asia-best restaurant and future plans. Protein replacement startup Shiru launches from Y Combinator.

1. 🤰 Nike crucially updates policy for pregnant athletes: “our voices have power”
Earlier this year, female Nike runners denounced Nike’s discriminatory practices against pregnant athletes. After Olympic runners Alysia Montaño and Allyson Felix spoke out about being “penalized for having a child,” an internal e-mail earlier this week reveals the brand has changed its contracts for pregnant athletes and is waiving pay reductions.

2. 👨‍🍳 Chef Gaggan Anand opens up about the closure of his Asia-best restaurant and future plans
Anand is hoping to open a new location by October, bringing with him and his 65 team members from Gaggan.

3. ⚗️ Protein replacement startups are coming for food additives as Shiru launches from Y Combinator
The company’s looking at what proteins are best for creating certain kinds of qualities that are used in food additives — things like viscosity building, solubility, foam stability, emulsification, and binding.

4. 📉 The US will hit Chinese art and antiquities with an additional 10 percent tariff next month as the trade war escalates
Trump delayed the deadline for taxing consumer goods to spare holiday shoppers, but not those in the antiquities trade.

5. 💽 How video game music is driving a vinyl record resurgence
iam8bit, the first label dedicated predominantly to vinyl video game soundtracks, says that they’ve sold 200,000 albums to date, a number that includes six Billboard chart-toppers.

6. 💡 Top US CEOs rethink the meaning of shareholder value
It’s an implicit recognition that corporations have a larger responsibility than a return on investment and also that more Americans are living under duress today. Wage gains have been nonexistent to moderate for years. Economic research, as well as government data, point to an era in which Americans must do more for less.

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