August 13, 2019

News ⚡ — Monday, August 12

Nike buys AI startup Celect. MIT researchers design a bridge made of autonomous boats. Luxury brands use video games to Chinese millennials.

1. 🤖 Nike buys an AI startup that predicts what consumers want.
The company announced that it has acquired the Boston-area startup Celect to help Nike beef up its predictive analytics strengths.

2. 🌉 MIT researchers design roundAround: a bridge made of autonomous boats.
Dubbed ’roundAround,’ the project uses “roboat” units to connect one of the main waterways in Amsterdam, transporting hundreds of people per hour across the water and reducing journey times between the city center and Marineterrein from 10 minutes to two.

3. 🎮 Luxury brands use video games to speak to China’s millennials.
Creating collections that target younger demographics is not something entirely new but entering the gaming world and selecting a digital avatar to deliver a testimonial is groundbreaking.

4. ☀️ Studio Gang’s Solar Carve tower opens on NYC’s High Line to balance light and tall skyscrapers.
As cities get denser, designers are getting more creative about preserving precious access to sun and air.

5. 🕺 One bedroom Trunk[House] offers classic Japanese living with a disco twist in Tokyo.
Occupying a 70-year-old former training house for geisha, and comprising just one bedroom, the property is inspired by the concept of an exclusive ‘salon’ for modern creatives.

6. ⚡ This Mophie wireless charger is probably the closest thing to AirPower that Apple will ever sell.
The 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad goes for broke with dedicated charging spaces for AirPods and the Apple Watch. Plus, there’s one spot for an iPhone or some other wirelessly charging gadget that’ll fit.

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