July 8, 2019

News ⚡ — Monday, July 8

Stella McCartney creates new hoodies from old clothes. SONY celebrates the WALKMAN’s 40th birthday with an exhibition. Victorious American women’s football team demands equal pay.

1. ♻ The adidas by Stella McCartney hoodie is made from old clothes
The limited-edition sweatshirt is the first commercially produced garment to use new technology that purifies and liquifies old cotton to transform it into new material. Nifty.

2. ? SONY celebrates the WALKMAN’s 40th birthday with a nostalgic retrospective exhibition
The show is hosted in Tokyo’s Ginza district and divided into two parts, one called ‘My Story, My Walkman’ that shares Walkman episodes from the lives of 40 celebrities, and the other called ‘Walkman Wall,’ which features around 230 versions of the WALKMAN throughout its 40-year history. Memories.

3. ⚖ Women’s World Cup: “Equal pay” chants erupt after U.S. win in France
The victory in France marked a record 4th World Cup win for the United States women’s soccer team, but they’ll only get $30 million this year in prize money versus the $400 million awarded for the 2018 men’s World Cup. Compensation.

4. ✊? Artists demand that the National Portrait Gallery breakup with sponsor BP for its role in furthering the climate crisis
The demands were made in a letter with 78 signatures from notable artists include names such as Anish Kapoor, YBA Sarah Lucas, Antony Gormley, Allen Jones, and Alison Goldfrapp (of the band Goldfrapp). The letter itself is penned by Gary Hume. Morality.

5. ? Fish replacement may be the next big wave in alternative protein development
Impossible Foods says plant-based fish alternatives are a ‘high priority’ for the start-up, while other companies are developing a number of fish products that are getting closer to mimicking the real thing. Petri Fish.

6. ? Joshua Vides transforms Harrods’ fifth floor into the FENDI cafe with his signature comic-like graphics
The summer takeover is a collaboration between the Italian fashion giant and the LA-based graphic artist, known for his whimsical black and white style. Monochrome.

7. ?? Is this Banksy? Archive interview could reveal the identity of elusive street artist
While researching the elusive artist, Bristol-based ITV reporter Robert Murphy uncovered a long lost clip which features a young man obscured by a cap and mask claiming to be him. Ghosthunting.

8. ? If aliens call, what should we do? Scientists want your opinion.
In the age of fake news, researchers worry conspiracy theories would abound before we could figure out how—or if—to reply to an alien message. Unnerving.

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