June 12, 2019

News ⚡ — Wednesday, June 12

Cryptocurrency powered social media platform New Life.AI is a hit with creatives worldwide. Airbnb Design invites us to confront our biases. Mary Meeker releases her much-anticipated 2019 Internet Trends report.

1. ? The AI-driven social media network hailed as the next Tumblr.
New Life.AI is the cryptocurrency powered platform with a stamp of approval from creatives worldwide. Intriguing.

2. ? Another Lens — An art installation by News Deeply and Airbnb.Design
To help examine how bias influences worldviews, Airbnb Design partnered with News Deeply, a journalism startup dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of the world’s most critical challenges. The end result was the Shadow to Light installation that encouraged viewers to recognize their own biases and limitations. Necessary.

3. ? Here’s Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report
Meeker first crafted a report of this kind, which underlines the most important statistics and technology trends on the internet, in 1995. Insightful.

4. ? We have the tech to suck CO2 from the air–but can it suck enough to make a difference?
Carbon capture technology–which helps fight climate change by removing emissions that are already in the air–could be a key part of the climate solution, if it grows fast enough and doesn’t just become an excuse to emit more. Responsibility.

5. ⚖ Jack Ma and Melinda Gates push ‘digital cooperation’ to offset potential damage from technology.
The two spearheaded a UN panel and the release of a report into ‘digital cooperation’ that aims to make sure the benefits of digital development reaches all. Promising.

6. ? Highly processed foods look more and more unhealthy. The reason why may be hiding in our guts.
They’ve been linked to disease and overeating. Could the microbiome inside our intestines explain why? Flora.

7. ? Misfits Market wants to cut down on $1 trillion in food waste through ugly produce
Since its founding in September 2018, Misfits Market has rescued more than 2.5 million pounds of certified organic, non-GMO, handpicked produce that would have otherwise gone to waste. Sustainable.

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