June 10, 2019

News ⚡ — Monday, June 10

Chinese-made streetwear brands are capitalizing on the growth in China’s domestic market. How Black Mirror has used pop music as a key tool in its storytelling. Selling and re-selling app Depop grows to 13M users, gets $62 million in investment. Wu-Tang set to play at “The Mother Church of Country Music.”

1. ? Why Chinese brands are winning the streetwear game.
Domestic streetwear plays to an emerging generation prideful of China. Wookong.

2. ? How Black Mirror uses pop music as an emotional manipulator.
The songs are so intrinsically linked to their respective episodes that tracklistings can often double as a plot summary. Miley.

3. ? Depop, a social app targeting millennial and Gen Z shoppers, bags $62M, passes 13M users.
That funding will be used to build out the London startup’s tech and to expand in the U.S., soon to be its biggest market. Expansion.

4. ? Wu-Tang Clan makes history at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.
The Wu-Tang Clan will play a sold-out show as the first hip-hop act to ever headline there on June 9. Seats.

5. ? Why Is America so far behind Europe on digital privacy?
“Congress’s earliest attempts to regulate computing in the 1980s and 1990s were embarrassing.” Lag.

6. ? They see it. They like it. They want it. They rent it.
Owning nothing is now a luxury, thanks to a number of subscription start-ups. Subscribe.

7. ? How a $41 million luxury hotel is sustaining an ambitious art and ecology initiative on a remote Canadian island
The project’s founders hope to wed a capitalist drive with a socially conscious sensibility. Wild.

8. ? Nike’s plan to expand childcare by outsourcing to Endeavor Schools massively backfires
Employees are concerned about whether the for-profit Nike partner will provide the same level of care as the over 100 teachers running the current on-site program who will be fired as a result. Corporate.

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