May 15, 2019

News ⚡ — Wednesday, May 15

Spotify’s new podcast production start-up, Soundtrap is building steam. How does VSCO produce their film-based presets? IKEA makes bold steps in developing home-gardening systems with Tom Dixon as well as a sustainability-minded cookbook.

1. ? San Francisco is banning facial recognition usage by city services
The move sets precedence for facial recognition as city agencies such as the police department will not be able to use the technology. Meanwhile, Apple has launched a new campaign championing privacy under the statement, “Privacy Matters.”

2. ?️Spotify’s other podcast creation start-up is starting to build up steam
If Anchor was to get somebody’s feet wet, Soundtrap is meant to offer more robust and powerful tools. But unlike Anchor, no hosting is provided.

3. ? The NY Times Shutters Its Lens Blog
The NY Times’ own headline was too clever to change. After 10 year run, the NY Times’ iconic section is closing down. The reason for the change was due to a changing photographic landscape, no doubt in part driven by the prevalence of social media.

4. ? Wired pays a visit to the offices of VSCO to understand how they emulate film and create their filters
VSCO’s efforts go beyond just replicating a few colors. A big challenge also comes down to sourcing defunct and discontinued film that’s increasingly hard to find.

5. ? IKEA unveils a Tom Dixon home-gardening system and a SPACE10 cookbook for planet-saving recipes
The Tom Dixon system was unveiled at the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show and hopes to encourage owners to grow food at home and reduce waste. In a similar vein, IKEA’s innovation lab, SPACE 10, has put together a book called Future Food Today, which aims to provide “a collection of delicious, sustainable and future-proof recipes that set up the perfect menu for better eating, both for ourselves and the planet.”

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