May 14, 2019

News ⚡ — Tuesday, May 14

Even with high tech “self-cleaning clothes,” laundry is still a necessity. Trump’s China tariff could raise price of sneakers. Uber’s IPO says the company will never profit.

1. ? Study says just thinking about coffee may improve your focus
It suggests just being exposed to cues about coffee is enough to perk up our minds and make us more likely to concentrate on the task at hand. The same can’t be said for tea drinkers, unfortunately. Placebo.

2. ? How much would Trump’s 25% China tariff raise the price of sneakers?
The American Apparel & Footwear Association, estimated that an additional 25% tariff would cost a family of four an extra $500 on their typical purchases of clothing and footwear alone. Premium.

3. ? Bad news: The fashion industry is actually slowing down on sustainability
A new report finds that although fashion brands are becoming more sustainable, that pace is being outstripped by the continued growth of the industry and the environmental impact that follows. Unsurprising.

4. ? Margiela’s “Glam Slam,” the first It-bag for male influencers
The bag represents fashion houses looking to cater to men’s markets by focusing on less delicate materials. What began as a women’s handbag has been released and promoted a men’s bag, now wearable as a backpack. Straps.

5. ?‍♀️ WeTransfer tell users to “Please Leave” in new short film
The campaign aims to get users off their computers and the Internet and back into the real world—but back to WeTransfer just in time to share the fruits of their creative labor once they’re done. Gone.

6. ? A close look at Uber’s IPO suggests the company will never be profitable.
Its prospectus paints a picture of a company that has very little to show over its 10-year lifespan.

7. ? CO2 Levels Hit 415 Parts Per Million for First Time in Over 3 Million Years
In the Pliocene Era, the only other period in Earth’s history that had such a high concentration—with the temperatures to match—oceans were up to 90 feet higher, which would drown today’s coastal cities. Troubling.

8. ? Tech can’t make us less gross: the impossible dream of a self-cleaning life
Despite claims made by companies producing products with built-in anti-bacterial properties such as silver-infused fabrics and the like, it turns out you still actually need to do laundry. Adulting.

9. ? Soon we’ll be able to track air pollution from every power plant on Earth in real time
This technology comes from nonprofit artificial intelligence firm WattTime and uses satellite data to monitor emissions across the world. And they’re making that data public. Accountability.

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