May 9, 2019

News ⚡ — Thursday, May 9

1. ? Chinese investors don’t understand the process and time required to build a luxury brand
If you’re in a rush, scroll down to the bottom few paragraphs. It outlines the Chinese investor outlook and the rate of return they’re seeking which makes for brand building to be very challenging.

2. ? The MOCA announces Mia Locks as its new senior curator
The previously independent curator is focused on “… how museums can reach out and address issues of social justice, environmental justice, the urgent questions of our time” according to Klaus Biesenbach, who has overseen the MOCA for the last six months.

3. ? Johanna Jaskowska models the “world’s first couture digital outfit on the Ethereum blockchain”
The unique piece titled “iridescence” will be auctioned off for The Foundation for Art and Blockchain. The big question will be how fashion will interact digitally and physically.

4. ? The Apple Store continually misses the mark for customer experience
The bloated experience no longer makes it a joy to buy an Apple product according to various experts.

5. ? Kids are being bullied in online multiplayer games for using default skins
The friction between the haves and have-nots are being played out in games like Fortnite. Those dressed in generic gear earned the title of ”default.”

6. ? Disney has written off its USD 400 million investment in Vice
Disney hasn’t written off the company, simply the return on its investment.

7. ⌨️ Google is bringing widespread inclusive design with closed captioning for all
Live captioning isn’t cloud-based and can work offline as well. Creators can now add closed captioning to everything they do. See all our recent News ⚡ updates here.

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