May 11, 2019

News ⚡ — Friday, May 10

Rihanna and LVMH are about to print money. The NBA wants greater coaching and officiating diversity. Louis Vuitton unveils a wild bag with a built-in display. Nike Fit uses AR to improve the fit of sneakers. It costs upwards of a cool million dollars to host a Jeff Koons show.

1. ? Rihanna and LVMH announce fashion partnership
Rihanna and LVMH’s first drop will release in Paris later this month, including ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. All-in-all, Rihanna put forth USD 30 million of her time/visibility/marketing influence which was matched in turn by LVMH. Rich.

2. ? The NBA’s commissioner Adam Silver calls for greater diversity in officiating and coaching
The goal is to have women represent at least 50% of all officials. Parity.

3. ? Louis Vuitton introduced a bag with a built-in digital display
Owners of the bag can produce dynamic videos via Wifi based on pre-created LV artwork. Neat.

4. ? Nike’s aiming to improve footwear fit and returns with Nike Fit
The project features AR technology that scans the foot, collecting 13 data points along the way to finding you the appropriate shoe size. Fitting.

5. ? Trust on the Internet is at an all-time low
Only 8% of Internet users trust the information shared with that number dipping down to 4% for trust amongst influencer content. Questionable.

6.  ?‍?‍?  Chanel celebrate Mother’s Day with their the help of their kids
The latest campaign introduces the drawings of employees at Chanel who appropriate the fashion house’s iconic products. Cute.

7. ♻️ The Birò O2 is an electric car that uses upwards of 80% recycled plastic
The energy-efficient car was produced in conjunction with Mandalaki Studio and uses ground-up plastic powder to form much of the exterior. Thoughtful.

8. ? It cost Oxford’s Ashmolean Gallery over USD 1 million to host a Jeff Koons show
Some of the biggest challenges included securing work from private collectors as well as the transportation of Koons’ often large-scale sculptures. Baller.

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