May 8, 2019

News ⚡ — Wednesday, May 8

1. ?‍♂️ Nike and UNDERCOVER unveil their latest Summer 2019 collection
The almost decade-long partnership takes on a muted tone with the ability to customize and fine-tune one’s fit with Velcro.

2. ? Rapper Logic goes off on clearing samples for music
His Twitter rant was met with some more level-headed discussion on why he’s not down to pay music creators in the first place.

3. ? After cannabis, are magic mushrooms the next to go med legal in the US?
The mushrooms containing the active ingredient psilocybin have been a helpful tool for a myriad of illnesses including depression and PTSD. In Denver, Colorado, the next step involves its decriminalization.

4. ? Alibaba releases an incredibly versatile typeface called Alibaba Sans
The font will help some of its ecommerce partners to improve their branding and create more legible experiences. The typeface was designed by Monotype and features 11 different weights applicable across 172 different languages.

5. ?️ Amazon is testing the ethical waters of affiliate content marketing
Amazon is aiming to support the international expansion of several partners including The New York Times’ Wirecutter, and Buzzfeed’s shopping channel. While affiliate marketing has provided publishers with revenue and editorial independence, Amazon’s support of their expansion could open up some new challenges that have yet to be fully defined. One uncertain example includes the role of search where sponsored searches have become a big part of the Amazon business.

6. ? Doug Aitken’s “New Horizon” is his new hot air balloon exhibition
The reflective balloon will include various conversation series based on climate change and digital identity. During the evening, the balloon will serve as a massive light sculpture.

7. ?️ Podfund is a new fund for podcasters who are in the emerging stages
Podfund will inject anywhere between USD 25K and 50K to get podcasters going alongside a support network of tools and help such as editors.

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