April 11, 2019

News ⚡ — Thursday, April 11

We’ll continue to tweak the News ⚡ and see where we land. We elected to find a home for some of the short bits of news that are relevant to today but may not fit into a bigger piece of analysis or represent an evergreen read.

1. ⚫ Scientists managed to take an image of a black hole.
To be fair, the blurry image could be anything but it’s a landmark moment in science.

2. ? Monotype redesigned Helvetica.
Maybe you’ve heard of Helvetica? /s This is the first time in 35 years the iconic font has been updated.

3. ? Dark blue is considered to be the most calming color.
A survey of 26,000 people chose it to have which can be seen in The World’s Favourite Colour Project by G.F Smith. Editor’s note: yes this blue isn’t dark blue, it was the closest emoji available.

4. ⛏️ YouTube is exploring its own “choose-your-own-adventure” series.
This is all part of Youtube’s strategy modification towards in original content. There was a suggested move towards scaling back original content in 2020.

5. ✍️ You can now edit Google productivity tools directly in Dropbox.
That means creative’s can combine their favorite storage service with the convenience of Google’s robust G Suite.

6. ? “Flygskam” is a new Swedish word for those guilty over the environmental effects of traveling.
This feeling has more and more Swedes electing to travel by train.

7. ? Running an electrical current through your brain boosts working memory in older adults.
All it takes is 25 minutes to potentially reverse the decline brought on by aging.

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Update Log
v5 (current): Changed the order of the update entries (recent to oldest). A photo now accompanies the News ⚡ as prior there were issues with not having an image preview on social media.
v4: Went from 5 links to somewhere under 10.
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