April 12, 2019

News ⚡ — Friday, April 12

We’ll continue to tweak the News ⚡ and see where we land. We elected to find a home for some of the short bits of news that are relevant to today but may not fit into a bigger piece of analysis or represent an evergreen read.

1. ? Uniqlo cuts its outlook on the year by JPY 10 billion (approximately USD 89.5 million).
The Japanese fast-fashion retailer cites weak overseas sales and unseasonably warm winter.

2. ⚽️ Creative agency AKQA has invented a new game thanks to a neural network.
They provided  info from 400 sports which then generated concepts and rules. The sport is called  Speedgate and combines rugby, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and croquet.

3. ? Streetwear marketplace Bump raises USD 7.5 million in Series A funding.
The platform has over 2 million users and combines shopping with social, where the average user’s age is 15.

4. ? It will be increasingly harder to return items purchased online.
The goal is to reduce the amount of serial returners who are putting an economic and environmental burden on the system. Returns alone cost the US retail industry USD 18.4 billion per year.

5.? Uber is filing to go public.
The ride-sharing behemoth continues to lose truckloads of money each month alongside decreasing rider growth.

6. ? You can now listen to Apple Podcasts on the web.
This decouples the experience from iTunes.

7. ? Netflix unveils its new Street Food trailer.
After a successful run with Chef’s Table, Street Food shines the light on the democratic landscape of street food.

8. ?️ Moschino and The Sims launch a new collection in real life.
The capsule will release at Coachella with some pieces available in-game.

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